All Your Need to Know About Jazz


My equestrian story began long before I was even walking. As the first born of two horse enthusiast, my first pony was waiting fro me when I arrived into this world.  What started as a kid on a pony, evolved into an unwavering connection with horses, leading me through the thrilling landscapes of eventing, jumpers, dressage, flat racing and steeplechasing.

I have spent countless hours doing all aspects of horse care and riding since I could walk. At 14, a twist of fate found me standing in as barn manager when our manager was hospitalized for three months due to a freak accident. This unexpected responsibility became a pivotal moment that set the tone for my journey ahead.

In 2005, I embarked on a path of entrepreneurship, giving life to Flying Horse Farm LLC, a venture that continues to flourish today. My academic journey was equally rewarding – I juggled galloping horses at the racetrack full-time, launched and nurtured a new business, all while pursuing my Psychology degree from Towson University in which I achieved in 2006.

Amidst all the outward accomplishments, there was an inner void. Despite appearances, I felt empty and unfulfilled. It was 2013, whe I knew I couldn't go on as I was any more that marked the beginning of my personal transformation's genesis. Driven by a yearning for genuine happiness, financial freedom, and true love, I embarked on a path of self-discovery. My own profound transformation inspired me to become a certified life coach in 2019, eager to share this gift of transformation with others.

With one Life Coach certification in hand, I pushed the envelope further, achieving a second-level certification in life coaching and energy healing. In 2019, I launched my life coaching business, introducing my signature 8-week program, "Mindset Reset" that has touched thousands of lives across the globe. My thirst for knowledge continues, learning from revered mentors to enrich the value I bring to my clients.

In 2020, another pivotal shift arrived. Stepping away from racing, I rebranded my Thoroughbred training business, focusing on the transition from racehorses to OTTB sport horses, with a spotlight on eventing. Why? It was my chance to give back to these incredible creatures that had been the cornerstone of my childhood dreams.

My mission is clear: I am fervently dedicated to helping fellow equestrians like you transform every facet of their lives, because I wholeheartedly understand the life of a horse lover and equestrian professional.

Let's embark on this transformative journey hand in hand, embracing change, nurturing growth, and reveling in the extraordinary bond we share with these majestic beings. With me as your guide, the exceptional life you yearn for is well within your grasp.